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Seriously?  A dyslexia course for parents?  Wow!

Imagine, parents, if you didn’t have to run off to different dyslexia experts, and didn’t need to spend thousands consulting dyslexia gurus and oracles…

Imagine not sitting on 3-month waiting lists, because you know exactly what to do and you can get started straight away… tonight…

Well, we want to make you the expert on dyslexia so you can help your own child.  You may still decide to consult other people in your area who may hopefully be a great help, but doing this course puts you in control of your own child’s dyslexia. Keen? Click here to learn about the dyslexia course for parents.

How to tell if my child has dyslexia?
I already know my child has dyslexia but what now?
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Practical advice parents desperately want

Parents always want to know how help their kids with dyslexia get back on track. It’s hard to watch your child struggle, feeling ‘stupid’ at school. If you know how to help at home, your child can succeed at reading and writing… even with dyslexia!

Know how to help – Parents love this 🙂

Most children with dyslexia just need a caring parent who knows how to help. Learn how to help your own child read and write, even with dyslexia. These videos are full of ideas, tips and step-by-step strategies that your child will love!

How to help your child read & write… despite dyslexia

Dyslexia is a speed bump, not a dead end. Persevere and support. Don’t give up on your child. Just find out how to help your own child. Join us for just $49, you’ll learn exactly how to help!



Why you don’t need to be an expert to help your dyslexic child

Most children with dyslexia don’t need an expert… They need a caring parent who has lots of new skills.   Most experts will diagnose dyslexia but not actually solve it.  The label “dyslexia” becomes an excuse for giving up on kids.  Don’t accept excuses… Dyslexia is a speed bump, not a dead end.  Persevere and support. Don’t give up on your child. Just find out how to help your own child.

It’s a FREE Dyslexia Course… You’ve got nothing to lose!

This course used to be $100-$150, but now it is completely FREE.  There are so many kids who are struggling so much and it doesn’t need to stay that way. I wanted to remove every reason that would stop a parent getting this information and being equipped to help their own child. So now is completely free, and if you get great value out of it, please consider giving us a donation so we can continue this great work. (By the way, When parents used to pay for a course subscription, we had a moneyback guarantee, and in 2 years, nobody person asked for their money back. Amazing!).

Who is Michael Clark? … and what would he know about Dyslexia?

First and foremost, I’m a husband and a dad.  I love my wonderful wife and my two lovely kids, and they really do come first in my life.

Beyond that, I’ve been a schoolteacher for 11 years and I’ve spent the last three years creating ‘individual programs that work’ for about 500 struggling learners.  Basically, when other things have failed these kids, it is my job to come up with something that works.  I love my job! .. Read More