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If within 3 months you decide that things haven’t worked out, or that you wasted your money, just send us an e-mail.  We wouldn’t offer this if we weren’t confident that you could successfully implement the ideas in these videos. We will gladly give you back your money and you can spend it getting some individual advice from a local expert.  We really want this website to help parents and children, and if it is not helpful for you then I really don’t want your money.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee because we are pretty much certain that there is nothing else out there on the internet that will equip you in just a couple of hours to help your own dyslexic child. Basically, we are so proud to give you the tool that you’ve probably spent years searching for that we 100% stand behind the effectiveness of the course.

Nobody has ever asked for their money back, and we can’t imagine that changing anytime soon. Really, how crazy would it be to not do this online parent course, given there is a 100% money back guarantee?