Who Is Michael Clark?… And What Would He Know About Dyslexia?

Who is Michael Clark? Well, first and foremost, I’m a husband and a dad.  I love my wonderful wife and my two lovely kids, and they really do come first in my life.

Beyond that, I’ve been a school-teacher for 12 years and I’ve spent the last four years creating ‘individual programs that work’ for about 1000 struggling learners in private consulting.  Basically, when other things have failed these kids, it is my job to come up with something that works.  I love my job!

Dyslexia expert Michael Clark Many of the children I work with struggle with dyslexia but after learning some new skills and trying a few simple changes, these children get back on track at school.  About 95% of the children I work with are succeeding in their classroom within 12 months, with a few students taking longer.

Most parents I work with are initially exhausted and disillusioned, having spent years watching their child’s failure at school.  Maybe you feel that way, too.  Well, I love seeing parents’ faces light up when they realise they actually already have the skills to help their own children… and they just needed to add a few different, straightforward strategies.

What what I know about dyslexia?  Well, quite a lot… now.  I’ve had the opportunity to try out a lot of different strategies over the years with kids, and I’ve found that a lot of what people say should work just doesn’t work, and there are some pretty straightforward things that help dyslexia that most people overlook.  That’s part of why I’m so keen to help you and other parents.

Why Would Michael Want to Make This Online Dyslexia Course For Parents?

Well, if you asked my wife she would probably say I had too much time on my hands, and I love to make stuff that is going to help kids learn well.  But, I largely started this because I felt frustrated.  I was so tired of watching parents feeling so anxious and so uptight and not knowing where to turn to get help for their children.  I didn’t think it seemed fair that they should have to spend thousands of dollars rushing around from one expert to another, always on a long waiting list and not really having some straightforward answers.  There really is a lot of stuff on the Internet about dyslexia, but I think probably less than 10% of it is very useful for parents.

I tried to find other websites for parents with children who have dyslexia that I could wholeheartedly recommend.  I couldn’t find any.  So I guess I sort of made my own partly out of a sense of “I wonder if I can make something that is super-helpful for parents” and partly out of a sense of “I feel so frustrated that nobody has made this yet… so I’m going to do something about this.”  I was blissfully unaware that it would take us about 6 months (and 600 hours) and a massive team of good people to make this happen.

Can My Child Learn Effectively Despite Having Dyslexia? Yes!

Yes, your child can learn effectively despite dyslexia! Your child is smart, and your child has a bright future ahead of them.  We just need reading and writing to become a whole lot easier so your child can get the most out of school, and feel great about life again.  ‘Dylexia is not a death sentence’.  It is a speed bump, not a dead end.  Click here to enjoy this encouraging video!

Quick, Easy Changes For Big, Sudden Improvements In Dyslexia

Wow… it’s like a smorgasbord of fantastic, easy ideas to get you started!  Making a few changes that will take only a few minutes each day could turn your child’s discouraging record of failure into a much easier way of learning in the future.  Dyslexia means your child needs a few extra supports, but most of them are easy to make happen and are cheaper than a cup of coffee.  Click here to get started!