Dyslexia Images to inspire people

Use these FREE images to inspire people! Put them on your Facebook page. Email them to friends. Put them on the wall of your child’s room. Whatever you can do to get the word out… Go for it! The only thing I ask is that you do not edit or change these pictures at all. […]

Helping parents who feel confused/disillusioned by their child’s dyslexia

So many disillusioned and disheartened parents allow their fears to seem so real and so likely, that they almost seem paralysed when starting to plan for helping their child overcome dyslexia.  Here are some of the things we hear regularly from parents, and some helpful responses. Parent: I feel like such a failure as a […]

Diagnosed For Dyslexia at 20

I did not find out that I had Dyslexia until I was 20. Studying at University is where many people my age found out because the funding to test was free. Rewind and I started school at the same level as others my age. In year 1 (5/6) I remember being in class and doing a […]

My Journey Through Dyslexia by Monique Craine

At the age of six I was called ‘Stupid’ by my teacher for asking how to spell a word; because of that one teacher I never again put my hand up in class. My self-esteem went from bad to worse and by the age of 14 I was told that someone with as little academic […]

Dyslexia - smiling brother & sister

A bike ride

When I was a child I didn’t know there was anything wrong. In fact, neither did my parents. There were some peculiarities. I started to say words before a year old; cat, dog… But then I stopped. I didn’t speak. My parents booked me into see a specialist, but he found nothing wrong. I was […]

brother & sister studying at home

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem for Children Who Struggle With Dyslexia

Struggling with dyslexia impacts kids’ self-esteem and their self-confidence beyond what most of us would imagine. Imagine how it feels to be a child looking around your classroom every day at other children who appear to find their schoolwork much easier that you do. Day after day of this experience often causes kids with dyslexia […]

dyslexic child

What your child’s teacher and school needs to understand about dyslexia

What your child’s teacher and school needs to understand about dyslexia (and probably doesn’t … yet) Your child’s teacher wants to help but probably doesn’t know how to Okay, here is an honest moment. I did four years of teacher training and received less than half an hour of training on how to help children […]

brother and sister study home

A pen of thorns by Steve McCue

Whenever I think about the difficulties I experienced with writing at school I am taken back to an image I used for a dyslexia project I did for my first dyslexia specialist qualification. It summed up dyslexia for me to a tee at that time. It was just a hand wearing an industrial glove and […]