Dyslexia images – Free images for you to use

Here are a whole heap of dyslexia images that you are completely welcome to use to raise awareness and to inspire people to take dyslexia seriously. The dyslexia images here are FREE for you to use.  It’s not just that “I’m okay about it”… Instead… It’s actually that “I hope like crazy you take these pictures and that they go viral!”

Free Dyslexia Images – pick and choose your timing… and be sensible with people

We all get ‘carried away’ sometimes, and I really want these free dyslexia images to be something that you are wise with, so pick and choose your timing. Be sensible with people and don’t land them all on somebody all at once. Just take your time and slowly work at things and remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint.  So, yeah… Enjoy these free dyslexia images, but pick and choose your timing for delivering them..

It’s particularly useful to put these dyslexia images on Facebook

Facebook is so effective for these dyslexia images – so feel free to put them up on your page and to share them. In fact, I designed these images to be used on my own Facebook page (Have you been there yet? Just look for Dyslexia Improvements on Facebook and I hope you have fun exploring through a whole heap of images and videos there).

The only thing you need to keep in mind with these images is…

It took an enormous amount of time and effort to create these images for you, so do not edit them and to not change them and do not delete anything from them.  Use them just like they are.  You are even welcome to use these images for your own commercial purposes. Whatever it takes to get the word out there! 🙂