You’re welcome to use these dyslexia motivational images yourself (Promote awareness)

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of dyslexia motivational images that basically communicate a few kind words to make children feel better, a lack of optimism for the future.  Well, these should be much more useful because I believe that we can use pictures to change how our culture views dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity/visual stress, so feel free to use them to promote awareness..

Are these dyslexia images helpful?

We would rather see kids get real solutions from parents who really want to help.  So these motivational images that we are creating will give motivation PLUS some helpful hints.  Hope you are as excited as we are!

So feel free to use these pictures for your own work that promotes the cause of encouraging our culture and our schools to take dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity seriously.  You are welcome to take these images and use them on your own website and you are welcome to use them on your own Facebook page.  You can even do it for your own website that promotes your own business or promotes your own stuff.  Yes, even if you are a competitor or something, you are welcome to these

Just remember…

The only condition for this is: You must not change the images and you must not change any of the words or delete any of the words.  That’s fair.