Dyslexia pictures – Free Pictures To Advocate For Dyslexia

I’m guessing that some people who create dyslexia pictures like this probably don’t want you to use them, but I REALLY want you to freely and passionately use these pictures to advocate for children with dyslexia. I believe we are at such an important point in history where children with dyslexia are just starting to be taken as seriously as they deserve to be.  I hope these pictures help you to advocate for children with dyslexia in your area.

Start With Facebook (Great Way To Learn About Dyslexia)

One of the best tools parents have to change how our culture deals with dyslexia is on Facebook, because other parents can get help for their children there and chat about things related to dyslexia.  I recommend you upload them to your own Facebook page and hopefully your friends will share them. Some of these posts have already gone viral that way, which is very exciting!

These Images Are Free For You To Use To “Have Your Say” on Dyslexia

I really want you to get these pictures out there and in the hands of others.  So even if you are using these for commercial purposes, you are completely welcome to.  The only condition I have on people using these images is that I do not want them modified in any way… All the text in the files must stay exactly like it is.  As long as you are happy with that, then go for it and put these to great use.  Remember, it only makes an impact if people see it, so do your best to get the word out there. Good luck!