Big Common Mistakes Most Teachers Make (You’ll never guess what they are!)

Most well-intentioned teachers make these mistakes (without ever realising it) when they work with children who have dyslexia.  You are about to learn how to avoid making the same mistakes that most teachers are making (You will be very surprised at how easy it is to adjust how you help these students).

Overcoming objections – Why teachers really can help these students

As teachers, we often lack the confidence in our own ability or in our own training to really help the children with dyslexia… And this video shows you why you are actually already equipped with most of the skills you need, and which skills you will need to develop (Lucky you are doing this course, because I believe you will be ready by the end of it).


School-based solutions are usually better than outside-based assessments… Here’s why…

I understand that most of us are in the mindset of “if a child has dyslexia, outsource them to the experts, such as educational psychologists”… Well by the end of this course you generally won’t need to. That’s because school-based solutions are usually better than outside-based assessments. You are about to find out why that is!


What you will learn in the next module…

It’s probably the most important module in this course. You are about to learn how to apply some simple strategies and some common sense so that you can fairly quickly recognise whether a child is dealing with visual stress, phonological dyslexia or something unrelated. I’m gonna give you a whole heap of tools to make it easier for you, and you can literally get out there and start putting these things in practice by the end of the next module. Very exciting because you will be changing lives.


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Online Educator's Dyslexia Course