Specific things to put in place to help your child with Visual Stress  (aka Scotopic Sensitivity/Irlen Syndrome)

This is one of the most important videos on this course… Really take your time with this because I can tell you straight out that at least 2 or 3 kids in your class are dealing with this and there are some ways you can make it so much easier for them to learn.

Helping children with Phonological Dyslexia

This is a very helpful video because it is full of step-by-step strategies that are fairly straightforward to implement.


Learning with ears plus hands… not just eyes

Very important (but challenging):  Getting kids learn with their ears and with their hands not just with their eyes. The technical name for this is multisensory learning and it basically just means good teaching using a variety of strategies that engage ears and hands… Not just eyes. (I actually initially made this for the parents, so this is also a sneak-peak into what is in the Parent Dyslexia Course).



Strategies for Grades 8-12 – perfect for parents and teachers of Older Students

Here is another BONUS for you (It’s one of the most important videos in the Parent Course)… If you teach older students than it is absolutely essential that you watch this one. It is healthy for you to know, and great to be able to explain to the parents of your students.


Teaching kids with phonological dyslexia… skills from Kindergarten to High Schoolers

Yes, Here is yet another BONUS for you that normally only parents would see in their course… It’s pretty comprehensive and ideal for teachers who are new to dealing with phonological dyslexia or in their first few years of teaching.  This is a step-by-step guide for helping children with phological dyslexia move from the basics up to the middle-level skills they need, and then to the harder skills.


How to Make School Assessment Tasks Fairer for students with Visual Stress (Scotopic Sensitivity)

Do you realise how easy it is to make exams and assessments easier for children with visual stress?  Let’s look at how you can do that…

Phonological Dyslexia: How to Make School Assessment Tasks Fairer

This video is full of practical, easy to implement ideas that will make assessment tasks fairer and less stressful for students with phonological dyslexia.  It’s easier than most teachers would realise.


What you will learn in the next module…

This next one is very, very important.  You are about to learn how to more confidently deal with parents who are concerned about dyslexia.  You’ll also learn strategic, effective ways to influence your school positively for children with dyslexia.  There are couple of other fantastic things you will learn, but I will let you discover them for yourself.


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