A Special, Emotional Message From Parents of Children With Dyslexia (I LOVE this video!)

This is probably one of the most important videos you will see on this course… These are real messages from real parents who have real fears and feel really disillusioned. Most parents you deal with will relate to this video. So accept that parents are experiencing these emotions and use these emotions to motivate parents. Don’t try to argue against emotions. It won’t work. Instead, demonstrate that you understand what the parent is dealing with and that you want to help. You’d be surprised at how many parents will go from being antagonistic and disillusioned, to being happy to implement whatever you ask them to.



Dealing well with parents of children with dyslexia/visual stress

Here’s a VERY popular video…  You will learn exactly how to work effectively with parents who have children with phonological dyslexia or visual stress…



Dealing with school leaders, authorities and supervisors about dyslexia

Here’s another vital video… Not all of us work in schools where principals, head teachers, or other staff members understand the best approaches for children with dyslexia or visual stress.  This video equips you to know how to influence your school beyond just your classroom, so that all children with dyslexia can thrive.


When it is helpful to send a child to experts outside school (e.g. psychologists)?

Great question… And you will be asked it often.  Here’s what I love to tell people…


Fantastic classroom tools to help kids with phonological dyslexia or visual stress

Very helpful!  Great tools like these make all the difference for children. These practical tools will help children in your class to “work smarter, not harder”.

How helpful are coloured glasses?

Coloured glasses are fantastic for some children with visual stress (scotopic sensitivity/Irlen syndrome) and a complete waste of time in other situations. Coloured glasses will not help children with phonological dyslexia. In this video you will learn exactly when coloured glasses are useful and when they are not.  This video is the exact advice I give parents – and it is equally relevant for teachers…

The important final things to keep in mind…Where to from here?

You’ve done so well to get this far… Here is your final encouraging and helpful video. You will learn what the next steps are on your journey as a teacher of children who have phonological dyslexia or visual stress.

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