dyslexia course for teacherWhat Educators/Teachers Get (1.5- 2 hour course):


6 x 20 minute modules – all delivered by video

Certificate of recognition of completion of the course

interactive, enjoyable step-by-step video training – full of practical examples


New Skills You Get To Transform Students’ Lives:

You learn skills & specific strategies… Not just content (Thank goodness!).

You learn to use your brain, and trust your own judgement.  Know exactly how to recognise and diagnose dyslexia and similar issues:

  • Phonological Dyslexia (official Dyslexia)

  • Visual Stress (a.k.a. Scotopic Sensitivity/Irlen Syndrome)


  • Other similar issues

  • Learn by observing exact testing procedures demonstrated with studentsDyslexia expert Michael Clark

  • Know specific strategies and techniques to assist any student with dyslexia

  • Understand exact modifications/changes to put in place in classrooms

  • Know Specific strategies for working with concerned parents

  • How to deal with supervisors/principals if they don’t “get it”.

  • Modify assessment setups/procedures in simple ways that make major differences

  • Know how to influence your entire school (subtly & very effectively)



Here’s Exactly What You’ll learn (1.5-2 hour course):

Educator Module 1 – Recognising Dyslexia (4 short videos)

Recognize the difference between different dyslexia scenarios

  • Scenario 1: Phonological Dyslexia (a.k.a. Auditory Dyslexia)
  • Scenario 2: Visual Stress (a.k.a. Scotopic Sensitivity/Irlen Syndrome)
  • Scenario 3: It’s something else… so check for these indicators


Educator Module 2 – Avoiding Myths, Mistakes & Pitfalls (3 short videos)

How to avoid making common, big mistakes with dyslexia (that others in your school are making right now):young-woman-and-little-girl-read-a-book-s

  • Avoid the “wait and see” trap
  • Avoid underestimating students with dyslexia
  • Other untrue, widely-believed myths

Overcoming dyslexia hurdles and challenges:

  • Know how to help children overcome challenges
  • Undo the damage other educators have done


Educator Module 3 – Exactly How To Diagnose (4 short videos)

Exactly how to diagnose dyslexia (and similar issues)

What to do once you have a diagnosis – step-by-step strategies


Educator Module 4 (4 short videos)

Diagnosing Ben: How to tell he has straightforward phonological dyslexia

Diagnosing Taylor:  See why she has straight-forward mild visual stress

Diagnosing Samantha: She’s got both visual stress + phonological dyslexia


Educator Module 5 (7 short videos)

Exactly how to change your classroom set-up and environmentdyslexic child home support

Minor changes to teaching practice that make huge differences

Making Assessment Tasks Fairer (simple modifications)


Educator Module 6 (6 short videos)

Dealing well with parents

Dealing with school authorities and supervisors

When it is helpful to send a child to experts outside school

Fantastic classroom tools to help kids with dyslexia