It’s a Dyslexia Video! It’s Not a Book, Thank Goodness!

These FREE videos are to inspire hope and optimism in your child.  Note that these videos are aimed at children who have Visual Dyslexia (aka scotopic sensitivity… or less technically ‘The form of dyslexia that makes words move or fade’)


Ever noticed that a lot of children won’t listen to their own parents, but they’ll listen to a stranger giving the same advice?  Yes, it’s hard to understand, but we were their age once, right?

Well, in these videos, I chat directly with your child to give some honest advice, some genuine encouragement, and some steps in the right direction.  The same ideas that have helped hundreds of struggling students I’ve worked with before are here for your child to view in their own video.

Just in case you are wondering, yes I do give completely different advice to young guys and young girls, because they face different challenges and they handle dyslexia and schoolwork differently.

All the videos in this part of the website are full-length and completely free, because I’ve never seen a child go backwards with encouragement. To be honest, these videos are my favourite part of this entire website.  So go on, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?


Let Me Chat With Your Young Boy (5-9 Years Old)

In this video, I chat directly with your young son about dyslexia.  I’m not going to spoil the impact of this powerful video by outlining too much here.  It’s simple… Just watch the video for yourself and then show your son.  It may be the encouragement he needs to overcome dyslexia and face life with a more optimistic outlook. Click here to get started!


Let Me Chat With Your Older Boy (10-16 Years Old)

Parents, please give your older boy some space and allow me to have a chat with him.  Feel free to watch the video first without him, but let him watch this video with some independence so he can really take this advice on board for himself.  He is a young man and we are going to chat about things that every young man needs to know, particularly if he is dealing with dyslexia. I’m not going to spoil the impact by writing too much here… Just watch it for yourself and then show your son. Click here to get started!


Let Me Encourage And Reassure Your Young Girl (5-9 Years Old)

Reading and writing can be really tough for someone who has dyslexia, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you hang in there you will make it. There are people who understand how it feels and you have a great team around you who want to help. You can learn to read and write properly and when you do, you will feel so proud of yourself!  Parents, I really recommend you watch this with your young girl to support her and affirm her. Click here to get started!


Let Me Encourage And Reassure Your Older Girl (10-16 Years Old)

There are people who understand whenyou feel like there’s something wrong with you and when it feels like no one understands.  Sometimes we all feel like giving up on ourselves.  I wish I could introduce you to someone who has been where you are, but has beaten dyslexia.  Let me share her story with you and reassure you that you, too, will make it. Click here to get started!