*Irlen® Syndrome for dyslexia – Irlen® is a registered trademark – Not affiliated

Irlen® is a brand/trademark of the group who are also known as Irlen dyslexia – and they are the original Irlen Syndrome Pros.

Irlen® is a trademark/brand and Irlen dyslexia people (as many people use to know them) does great things.  You will not find a group of people who have been more publicly mocked, made fun of, and had accusations thrown at.  Nevertheless, I can tell you straight out that they do a great job and I wholeheartedly believe that we are all better off because of the work they have done.  Without these Irlen guys, so many kids would be mistakenly classed as having fun logical dyslexia and treated that way. That would be such a terrible shame because so many kids do fantastically with Irlen-branded glasses.

You can find out plenty more about this at their actual websites:



I do recommend you get in contact with them if you have questions about getting coloured glasses… Because many, many people benefit from Irlen-branded products.

Also, if you’ve heard reports about Irlen people being less than effective or less than reputable, chances are those reports came from people who don’t have scotopic sensitivity (i.e. Irlen Syndrome) themselves.  As a guy who has ultra-mild scotopic sensitivity myself, I can tell you straight out that it is real and that it impacts people’s reading enthusiasm and skills.  I disagree with people who would want to damage their Irlen brand.  I would suggest those people do a little bit more chatting to parents and kids before reaching such conclusions.