Media says… Some Articles Dyslexia Improvements Has Published

Actually, you’ll see a lot more in the next few months, but here’s a start.  We’re really proud to be getting good info out there into the hands of parents.


Just click on the picture of the Media group and it will take you straight to the Dyslexia Improvements article

Michael was quoted in The Weekend Australian newspaper – in Australia that’s a pretty huge deal…

(It’s funny how one day you are unknown, then the next day people all over the country are reading about your opinion, then the next day nobody knows you again! 🙂  )

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Here’s an article that was aimed at school teachers in Education Technology Solutions Magazine:






Here’s another article that got a lot of attention in The Natural Parent Magazine:






We LOVE Mouths of Mums and the great work they do in promoting real issues that matter to parents… See one of our recent articles with them:






Kids On The Coast & Kids In The City both published another article recently… Check it out: