Specific how-to/Practical activities to help reading

What if my child is in Grade 8-12?

If your child is in Grade 8-12, this course is just as valuable for your child as for other kids. Whenever we break content into age groups, go for the content that is aimed at Grade 7 kids… Pretty much beyond that the skills they are likely to struggle with will be the same as the skills that Grade 7 kids need.



This next section is NOT relevant to parents of kids with scotopic sensitivity/visual stress/Irlen syndrome… So skip it if that’s you. 


For phonological dyslexia only:

The main things you need to know to help your child with phonological dyslexia (skip this if your child has visual dyslexia/scotopic sensitivity)

Using Dyslexie font (or something very similar)

There are quite a few fonts that all seem to do a similar job of helping slightly, and they all pretty much look similar. It’s a case of trialing them out and seeing if it does help your child. Don’t pay for it because there are plenty of free ones available.

Because of copyright issues, I can’t just go and put a heap of it on my website, but please type this into google: “What does dyslexie font look like” and you will see plenty of examples of it straightaway.


NOW, all parents should also watch the next video… Just be aware that the advice about changing lighting, colours etc. is for children with scotopic sensitivity/visual stress – but the other tips are the same for all kids.


FOR VISUAL DYSLEXIA (scotopic sensitivity):


Action steps:

FOR PARENTS AND KIDS: go and put these reading strategies into practice



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