Important (but easy) psychology – tapping into your child’s interests + self-esteem workshop

Today is an awesome day! Because you’re doing the module that is my (Michael’s) favourite… Enjoy…

Gender-specific strategies that work 

Whether you are a mother or a father, watch the video about your child’s gender, and see what you think of it (Don’t be put off by the heading – they are both for any parent). We all know that stereotypes don’t work for every child and there are always lots of exceptions. However, the information in these videos seems to be true for a lot of parents. Which parts of these were true for your child, and which parts were not true for your child?

Dyslexia and self-esteem – Tips that work

Parents, watch whichever of the next 4 videos that are relevant to you…After spending years watching parents struggle to build confidence and self-esteem in their kids, this is what I wish I knew years ago… These tips are not specifically for children with dyslexia… They are for all children (and might even help you with your other kids).


Self-esteem: building confidence in struggling primary/elementary school kids

(Also have your child aged 6-12 watch this)

Self-esteem: building confidence into your teenagers (Also have your teenager aged 13-18 watch this)

Building self-esteem and confidence in struggling primary school kids

Building self-esteem and confidence in teenagers

Helping your child recover confidence after mistakes and failures

Difference between building self-esteem vs encouraging selfish arrogance


Action steps:

Go to a bookstore with your child and give them a good amount of money to buy 2 books that they would love to read (or, if money is tight then do a trip to the library combined with a picnic to somewhere in nature so they can read outdoors in a lovely environment).



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