Writing activities to do with your child to help catch up


Specifically for children with phonological dyslexia (not visual dyslexia):

You must always keep in mind… The important (but difficult) goal is for you is having your child be able to recognise that:

  • Each letter makes a different sound
  • Each sound is made by a different letter (or by a combination of letters)
  • You can pull words apart and break them down into segments (match àat.ch)
  • You can switch segments around within words. (clicks à licks; slick à licks)
  • Invented/ improvised spelling is fine. It is part of the process and don’t try to bypass it by going straight to correct spelling, because that makes it harder for a child with phonological dyslexia… They miss important skills they should be picking up along the way if you do that.
  • Do writing in short bursts… e.g. 7 minutes of writing, then 2 minutes off, then another 7 minutes of writing. Writing is utterly exhausting for kids with phonological dyslexia.

For parents of kids who have phonological dyslexia: Now, go ahead and watch what I’ve shown parents who have kids with visual dyslexia… But disregard the suggestions about background colours and sizing of fonts and lighting etc… That is not necessary if your child.


Helping kids (both phonological and visual dyslexia) with their writing skills:



WATCH whichever of these applies to your child…


Action steps:

Go shopping with your child and buy brand-new stationary – pens and paper and notebooks etc to make it special… then plan some practice with your child and then go and do it.



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