Dealing with the teacher/school (getting the help your child needs at school)


Today is one of the most requested parts of this course… And you’re about to see why.

You are going to love this and it’s going to give you a new sense of confidence. It’s important to not take the information in these videos and suddenly implement them without chatting it through with your partner or your child’s other parent. Just because you suddenly feel empowered and confident doesn’t mean you want to make rash decisions. Good luck and have fun. 🙂

This Facebook video went viral… Why do you think that was?

How to chat with teachers: Here is what works (and what won’t):


Look at yourself first and your own attitudes about approaching the school

Do you feel scared, intimidated, unreasonable, enthusiastic… Have a look at your own feelings. Also have a look at how you used to feel at school (when you were 12 years old) about teachers and authority figures at school. Examine whether or not you are actually experiencing the same emotions used to feel when you are 12. What does that mean? Back then they were twice your height and they had genuine power and authority over you. Right now they are your equals and they are not in authority over you. They are paid to serve you and your child.

Preparing to chat with your child’s teacher about dyslexia:


If you need to meet with the principal…

Keeping things on track at school over the coming years

As parents, we need to ask ourselves…

  • What holds other parents back from getting the help their child needs at school?
  • Your need for approval and acceptance vs your child’s need for genuine support at school (I don’t want them to think I’m too demanding).
  • What specific things you’d like the school to do (be specific).

Action steps:

Today (or Monday if you’re on the weekend), book an appointment with your child’s teacher for an afternoon soon where you can sit down and have a chat about what your child needs.

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