Looking to the future & what’s next & setting up routines for success


Activity for your child (over a milkshake): Dream of what you want a day in your life to look like when you are 25 years old

  • Where would you live?
  • Who will be your friends?
  • What fun things will you do with your spare time?
  • What sort of pets will you have?
  • What could you be doing as a job? (If you don’t know, then just pick a job… any job)
  • What would you be doing that contributes to other people’s lives?


Tutoring: The good, the bad and the ugly

Hopefully, you can tutor your own child because you’ve now got a whole heap more skills than you had a week ago. However, some people love to outsource some tutoring. Yet so many times it is not an effective thing… And this tells you exactly what to look for and exactly what to look out for. Enjoy!

Setting up routines that work

It’s time to set up some routines. You don’t want to be reminding your child every day to do their homework or their work. You want a routine that does it for you.   Is there an alarm clock that can be set to go off at 5:45pm each night that tells your child it’s time to start their work?  It’s okay if your child gets cranky at alarm clock, or a phone alarm… It’s less okay if your child is cranky with you.

Are the rewards and consequences that need to be put in place… e.g. No dessert unless you’ve done your reading.”

Set things up so that they run on auto-pilot and so you don’t need to be nagging or reminding.


FINAL Disclaimer: Do you still need to go and get some expert advice that is specific to your child?

This course has probably equipped you more than any other parents in your suburb equipped, but if you don’t feel ready or if your child is not showing significant improvements in the next couple of months, then do go and get some help. It’s likely that you will be one of the most knowledgeable parents that your local expert has ever met, but there really is no substitute for expert local help.


Yes, we all want to help our friends and there’s a part of us that would just love to give them our password, but the reasons to not do that are:

  • My wife and I decided that the proceeds from this course will be used to fund future good work – including a future course for kids who need help to recover from bullying.
  • This course took over 600 hours of work to make – which is a lot of time.
  • Pay it forward: Let’s have others benefit.

Super important email to help other parents:

Final but important thing: Please, please, please (I don’t want to beg but it really is so important) send me an email to let me know whatever feedback you have for how I can improve the course. Even if you loved it completely, I’d still love your feedback. Here is my personal email address: info@dyslexiaimprovements.com



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