Especially For Mothers: Understand How Your Dyslexic Son Views Himself And The World

Hi to the Mothers… this is especially for you! Have you then baffled by some of the strange and crazy ways that your son deals with his feelings about dyslexia? Do you wish you knew how to help him? This video is a great place to start.

If you’ve got a son with dyslexia who is struggling with his reading and writing, then deep down he’s probably dealing with challenges that you’ve never faced yourself.  He is a boy (not a girl!) and he is going to deal with these challenges in ways that boys do, and some of this is quite unhealthy. You may not understand how he thinks and he may not want to talk about it. The important thing is to learn to recognise and understand his fears, so you can persevere and prevent him from his tendency to avoid activities that make him feel like a failure – especially in reading and writing!

You will find it much easier to understand your son after you’ve seen this video. Click here to get started!

Advice For Dads: Teaching A Dyslexic Daughter To Read

Good on you, Dad for being a knight-in-shining-armour who cares about your dyslexic daughter enough to look for solutions in these videos.  Hopefully, this particular video will help you understand how a dyslexic girl faces up to reading and writing, so you can know how to be a real help to her.

Every child is unique, but you should be aware of some of the main differences in attitudes between boys who have dyslexia and girls who have dyslexia. She is a girl so she thinks very differently from how you did when you were her age.  You’ll probably be surprised by the way she views encouragement.  She is likely to prefer co-operation over competition, and have different views on goal-setting to what you had when you were her age. Also, expect to be surprised by the focus she puts on story characters rather than story events.

For your dyslexic daughter it’s important to tweak some things for you her so she gets the most out of the time you spend helping her. Click here to get started!

Parents, Do You Blame Yourself Because Your Child Struggles? Relax 🙂

Every parent blames themselves when their child struggles, and dyslexia makes us doubt ourselves even more! We so often feel like we have somehow let our children down.The fact that you came to this website demonstrates that you care.

One of the biggest differences between children who succeed and children who don’t is this… when parents persevere and do whatever it takes to get their child reading and writing, things work.

Learn what you need to from this website, and then go and help your child.  It’s never ever too late, and you really can do it! This video will be a breath of fresh air for any parent who is feeling a sense of failure when they try to assist their dyslexic child. Click here to get started!