These Dyslexia Videos Are Our Most Popular… Enjoy!

To get on this page, these videos on dyslexia and visual stress were highly rated and went a bit viral on Facebook etc… I hope they’re a big help to understanding what your child needs, and how to make life easier.

Parents Feel Judged For Being Pushy – But Keep It Up!

Answers To Most Common Dyslexia Questions (Dyslexia Improvements)

The Biggest Mistake Parents Make With Dyslexia

Key Question to Ask Your Child – For Visual Dyslexia (Scotopic Sensitivity)

Australia (+ Most Other Countries) Are Struggling With Dyslexia


What’s Next Step After These Dyslexia Videos?

Quite simply, I encourage you to do the Parent Dyslexia Course Online.  I really want every parent to do this course because I know it sets children free from frustration and anxiety and failure.  Also, it is packed full of dyslexia videos that equip parents to confidently help their own child at home.  In years to come, I believe many parents will look back on this as one of the most important things they ever did for their child… And hopefully you are one of them! 🙂