So, What Did Teacher & Educators Say?  Here’s Their Reviews…

“Fantastic teacher course, simple ideas to help support struggling students, no fancy stuff, just step by step instructions to help student outcomes!”

R.N. Australian Teacher.dyslexia course for teacher


“I really enjoyed the course.  I believe you are very thorough and even though I have had extensive training in both reading instruction and multi-sensory training I learned a lot from the course.”

Jenn E, Teacher, USA


“Such a great course! I feel privileged that I had the chance to review it. It’s going to have a substantial impact in my teaching from now on. Thank you for creating such a valuable resource.”
Angela H. Teacher.


“I have spent this afternoon completing your Educator Dyslexia Course and all I have to say is O.M.G!  In the space of a couple of hours I have learnt so much, and also learnt that I already do some of the things that you recommend with the kids in my charge in year 4. What a shame that things have been left so long for these kids, all due to good intentions I might add! The video of the parents at the end resonated with me, particularly the ‘angry parent’ and the comment about holding back the child for extra handwriting practice, I see this so much in school. I did this back in my early days of working as a teaching assistant (almost ten years ago), I quickly learnt that this solved nothing.”

Lisa, Teacher, U.K.


“This is amazing! I’ve learnt so much doing this!  I was chatting with my cousin who has the exact symptoms you described in the videos. Really high quality course.”

Sharon, Sydney, Australia.dyslexia photodune-313980-teacher-and-students-in-kindergarten-class-xs


“A great course for teachers with simple techniques and ideas to implement in your classroom to help struggling learners. I would highly recommend this course for all teachers who want simple strategies without costly outlays, to help support dyslexic students succeed. Packed full of information and real practical advice on supporting theses students in your classroom, as well as suggestions on how to get parents and management on board for the best outcomes for all students.”

Renata, Teacher, Riverland, Australia.


“As a result of this course I am most eager to get stuck in to making our school a more dyslexia friendly school, one can’t wait for the summer hols to be over (we have six weeks off here in the U.K) so that I can go give all of your tips a try. I am looking forward to sharing and putting into practice what I’ve learnt with my headteacher and other staff. I will take your enthusiasm on my professional development journey. I have enjoyed it!”

– Very enthusastic teacher from U.K.


Just finished the educator course.  Overall impression is AWESOME!  So much good information presented in easily understandable and usable manner.  The course itself is user friendly and can be easily returned to for reference or to do a module or video at a time making it practical for busy schedules.  As I was watching my 71 year old mother, former kinder teacher, kept walking through and stopping to see what was on the screen.  She finally just pulled up a chair and listened stating this would have been so helpful in the classroom and would have been so easy to do in most cases. I like addressing the fear and concern most teachers have about not knowing what to do or not being an expert. The fact that is presented in such a user friendly way and easily delineates between visual stress and dyslexia without downplaying the impacts of either is great. Again, overall AWESOME!  Can’t wait to share site with my parents. I will definitely be sending staff to the site and am already looking at my budget to be able to fund for the teachers who have identified students in their classrooms this coming year.

– Marilyn, Teacher and Researcher, U.S.A.



Just completed and evaluated the upcoming educators course, all I can say is wow! Highly recommended- a fantastic source of background information and tips. Well worth the investment, and to all you parents out there who want the best for your kids, this will make a difference! Thank you for the opportunity.

– Lisa (who LOVES it)



“It was all very good, and I will be in touch all the time for new hits and tips.” 
– Philomena