I am literally crying as I’m typing this! My 2nd grade son has struggled with every symptom of dyslexia. With the school system failing my child and giving up on him I decided to homeschool my child. And with the struggles I’ve had I decided to research his symptoms and turns out he IS dyslexic. I decided to humor you (not fully believing it’ll work) I wrote black writing on our at home whiteboard and of course he sat there frustrated struggling until finally giving up, I rewrote the SAME words using bold colors separating each part of the word with different colors and he read each word so fast with very little to no issues. The “accomplished” look on his face was amazing and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This new way of learning will forever change my sons life.

– Amazed & Surprised Mum (who left this comment on a Youtube Video about us)
Video for grade 1 child with dyslexia paid video

(Girl is 9 years old)… “I really like the videos. I watched two of them, one for the younger girls and one for the owlder girls. It feels good to know that people understand me and people like me. I have a hard time reading, writing and spelling. I forget how to spell a lot of words. The videos are something everyone shold wach even if they aren’t dyslexic. That would help them understand more. I’m not being lazy. I try and try and try and consentrate in school but I can’t pass any tests. My school wants me to repeet 4th grade. I know the matereal but I can’t pass the tests. I wish the tests were spoken so teachers can see I realy know. Thank you for the videos and keep making them. I will share them. The intrnet is great for sharing and teaching others.”

– Leia, 9 years old, Author of ‘Dyslexic Renegade’ and proud of herself
mother and her dyslexic kids reading a book

Thanks for the course, it was great.  I feel much more empowered now to help my son, James. I am really looking forward to putting some of your stuff to work on him.

-Keryn, Australia (Happy Mum!)
helping dyslexic child

“You are doing a marvellous job!  You really strike a chord with parents everywhere who care about their kids and just want to help them (but find themselves perplexed and frustrated by the very educational systems that are supposed to be helping them). Thank you!”

– Rachel N. (Caring Mum from U.K.)

I followed the advice, and Alysia went from Reading Recovery Level 13 to Level 21 in 2 weeks.  I was amazed at how quickly it helped!”

[Note from Michael: “Alysia would have already had the skills to be at Level 21 before you implemented the advice, but doing these things just freed her up to perform at that level. Awesome!]

– Kristy, Grade 2 teacher
brother and sister study home

I can read much better now.  It’s really helped. Now the words don’t squish together when the writing is small.

– Nadia, happier-10-year-old, 3 months later
Mom and son with book sitting on green grass in green park.

The videos simplify everything, are easy to watch and are great for time-poor mums and dads, or parents themselves who have reading difficulties.”

– Jennifer, very relieved mother of a 10 year old, Victoria
Dyslexia - Happy mom and daughter

“Best money I spent! Now I get how to help my child at home and at school.”

– Louise C., Mother of 2, Canberra

“Thank you Michael. Your work helped my two boys. You identified eye problems that other teachers were unable to detect.”

– Stuart Noack (School teacher for 16 years)
testimonial author

“Michael came to help staff at the Youth Education Program identify the steps we can take when working with children with dyslexia.”

– T.Armstrong