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Yes, I hope you love these free videos and get the most out of them. Then, join us for our online parent course so you can help your own child with dyslexia.  Hmmmm…. This is like a smorgasbord… Where would you like to start?


Your Son Has Dyslexia?



Your Daughter Has Dyslexia?



Motivating Your Dyslexic Child



Improving Reading For Children With Dyslexia



Improving Writing Skills For Children With Dyslexia



Encouraging Parents of Dyslexic Children




Here’s a Smorgasbord of Videos to Help Your Child Overcome Dyslexia

Where do you start? You start wherever you like. Look through these videos and decide which ones you need the most, and start with them. There are plenty of free videos to learn from, and then the paid videos are astoundingly cheap. These videos about how to help your own child overcome dyslexia were made with you in mind. I wholeheartedly believe that as the parent, you have the most power to help your child, because you can give your child more individual attention than anybody else. Also, you know your own child better than anyone else would and you’ll be more motivated to see results than others will be. So go ahead and click on the videos that interest you. Let today be the start of some big improvements for your dyslexic child!


These Videos For Helping Dyslexic Children Learn Are Great For Parents

Any parent who is proactive and wants to help their dyslexic child needs to know specific skills and some important tips. Nobody would try to navigate in the wilderness without a map, right? Well, in the same way, it would be ineffective to try to help your child overcome dyslexia without learning the best ways to do this. These videos are here to make reading and writing easier for your dyslexic child and they are like a “map” to guide you through the “wilderness”. Everyone feels more confident and has a better chance of success with this sort of help that these videos can give.


What Else Is On The Internet That Can Help My Child Overcome Dyslexia?

I am a school teacher and I feel really frustrated because schools are doing so little to help children who have dyslexia. I’m even more frustrated to see that schools are not equipping parents with the skills they need to help their own children. As a Dad, I just can’t pretend that this isn’t important.

When I went for a search on the Internet to find good help for parents of dyslexic children, I could not find anything that I could wholeheartedly recommend. There was plenty of irrelevant information, a lot of incorrect, discouraging information, and a bit of incredibly expensive information. Really, what parents need is something that gives them simple, straightforward advice on what steps to take to help their own child overcome dyslexia.


We Kept The Price Low For These Dyslexia Videos

To be honest, it was very expensive to build a website that is jam-packed with tips and advice for helping children who have dyslexia. It also cost a lot to edit these videos about dyslexia – way more than I realised it would. However, after about two months of planning, filming, editing and tweaking, I’m able to say that I’m really quite proud of what we made for you. I figured that if I kept the price low enough I could then I could make a difference in a lot of children’s lives and in the confidence that parents have to tackle dyslexia with their child. So, they aren’t cheap because they are sub-standard. They are cheap because I care. Please, go ahead and click on some videos and get started on your child’s road to recovery.


If These Dyslexia Videos Don’t Give You The Help You Need, Chat With Professionals

If you’ve got a headache you take painkillers and hope for the best. If your headache doesn’t improve then you really need to visit a doctor. Well, in the same way, watching and implementing these dyslexia videos should be a big help to you but it is also worthwhile to chat with a local professional.

If you implement the suggestions in the videos but your child is not improving then definitely get some more help. Chat with your child’s teacher and find out what options you have in your local area. Search on the Internet for people who can help. You can chat with other parents who have children with dyslexia because they can be a fantastic source of information.


When Facing Dyslexia, Don’t Give Up… Persevere!

Never isolate yourself and never give up hope that your child will overcome dyslexia. The help your child needs is out there but sometimes parents need to be persistent to find the right help for their dyslexic son or daughter. These videos should be a big help but never hesitate to get professional advice for a learning issue as important as dyslexia.