Scotopic Sensitivity & Visual DyslexiaWe are not Irlen® – they are a registered trademark

It’s really important that you know that we are not Irlen®, and we are not affiliated with Irlen® or any of their dyslexia work. “Irlen® syndrome” has sort of become the unofficial name for scotopic sensitivity/visual stress/visual dyslexia). Lots of people also know scotopic sensitivity as Irlen® dyslexia. It’s sort of become just an everyday term in the same way that Thermos and Hoover and Google have become everyday terms.

Basically Irlen® is a brand and what they do is they check out what colour people need and they have a testing system and then they arrange for people to get coloured glasses.

Some people have tried very hard to discredit the work that Irlen® does, but I believe they have made a very positive contribution and they have very effectively promoted the cause of scotopic sensitive/visual stress/visual dyslexia.

If you want to know more about them (because they are completely and totally separate to us), then this website would be a good place to start:

I would suggest that some people who spend time and energy trying to persuade people that Irlen® is no good probably have not had the same experience that I have had in working privately with 1500 children, plus 12 years of school teaching experience.  I would suggest that many of them have done lots of reading but not as much practical, hands-on things with kids that I have done.  It is my experience that Irlen® has been very positive for many of the kids I work with. Part of the issue is that many people confuse phonological dyslexia with scotopic sensitivity.  Changing the colour of glasses etc for children who have phonological dyslexia is not going to be effective, but to the best of my knowledge, Irlen® do not claim to be trying to help those students.