ONLINE DYSLEXIA PARENT COURSE (Yes, it’s FREE now because I want nothing to prevent you helping your child! – It used to cost $115-150)

Yes, you finally found what you needed – An online Parent Dyslexia Course to help you understand how to help your own child with dyslexia!  Have a look through what parents learn on this course and then dive in!  Let’s get started.

Module 1: You Learn How Dyslexia Impacts Your Child…

Understanding what type of Dyslexia your child has:

  • Visual Dyslexia (aka Irlen Syndrome or Scotopic Sensitivity) + how that impacts kids
  • Phonological Dyslexia (Technically-accurate dyslexia) + how that affects children

How to check if my child has Dyslexia (roughly)… What the experts are looking for when they diagnose (which of these are true for your child?):

  • Indicators of Visual Dyslexia (Diagnosing scotopic sensitivity, aka Irlen Syndrome)
  • indicators of Phonological Dyslexia (official dyslexia by modern definitions)

Q & A:Your top questions + Biggest fears + Guide to expert help in your local area


Module 2:

You Learn How To Improve Reading Motivation + Overcoming Dyslexia Setbacks

Dealing with ‘Parent Guilt”: Why we always feel guilty + how to break freehelping dyslexic child

Motivating your own child to read + learn to love reading (Yes, it’s achievable)

For Kids: Overcoming mindsets that cause kids with dyslexia to fail

Breaking free from anxiety – Parents can relax because…


Module 3: You Learn Specific how-to/Practical activities to help reading

For Phonological Dyslexia: The main things you need to know to help your child

For Visual Dyslexia: The most important things to do + How to set up environment

Reading steps: Specific step-by-step strategies to follow:

  • Kindergarten/Year 1 – Top 10 things
  • Grade 2-3 – Top 10 things
  • Grade 4-7 – Top 10 thingsAdvice for Dads

Extra reading tools that make a big difference (Most people would never think of)


Module 4: Learn to Improve Self-esteem for kids + Other easy psychology

Gender-specific strategies that work

  • Advice for Dads: Teaching your dyslexic daughter to read
  • Especially for Mothers: Understand how your dyslexic son views himself

Dyslexia and self-esteem: What helps + What is disastrous

Finding perfect books/comics (Tap into your child’s interests)


Module 5: You Learn to Increase Writing motivation & Teaching with eyes+ ears+hands

Motivating your Dyslexic child to write:

  • Increasing motivation to write
  • Avoid these at all costs (disastrous for motivation)

3 Senses (Teaching with a helpful combination of eyes, ears & hands)Learning Tips for Dyslexics

  • Effective ears + Helpful hands + Intelligent eyes
  • Does your child learn with eyes, ears or hands? (How to work it out)
  • How to reduce their eyes-learning and increase their ears- and hands-learning


Module 6: You’ll Learn Exactly What Writing Activities to do with your child to help catch up

Writing skills + spelling skills: How to help your child (of any age)

Easy for Mums and Dads to implement:

  • Kindergarten/Year 1: Easy, step-by-step tips to write and spell
  • Grade 2-3 : Simple step-by-step tips that help
  • Grade 4-7: Easy, straightforward tips that work

Learn the #1 trick for kids that makes all the difference for their enjoyment of writing (Takes <20 minutes to do)


Module 7: You’ll Learn How to Deal with the teacher/school (getting the help your child needs)

Parents’ biggest fears/anxiety about dealing with school/teachers/principals

Being “The dyslexia-obsessed parent” – Dealing with others view you

The biggest keys to getting what your child needs:

  • Get prepared
  • Stay persistent
  • How to get the best from the Principal/Deputy when the teacher is unhelpful
  • Getting specific outcomes – not just intentions
  • How to get the best from the Principal/Deputy when the teacher is unhelpful


Dyslexia Reading Tips

Module 8: You’ll Plan forLooking to the future + setting up routines that work

Q & A:  Problem-solving + trouble-shooting

Kids Activity: Dream of what you want a day in your life to look like when you are 25 years old

Thinking of tutoring: EXACTLY what you need to know to save thousands

  • The right people, the right price, the right set-up
  • Avoid the dyslexia hype


What Parents get:

  • Straightforward, step-by-step online training – mostly by video (Fun & easy)
  • 8 x 20 minute self-paced modules – do them all in an evening, or do them over a couple of weeks
  • Your questions answered – ask as many questions as you like (Yippee!)
  • Become someone who can help others in your own community so other parents don’t have to feel like you have for so long

What Parents discover:

  • Whether your child has “Phonological dyslexia” or “Visual dyslexia (Visual stress/Scotopic sensitivity)”
  • Know how to help your own child with both forms of dyslexia.
  • Straightforward techniques to improve your child’s reading
  • Step-by-step techniques to help your child is writing skills.
  • How to deal with the teacher, the principal, and anyone else who you need to support your child.
  • How to change your child’s self-beliefs, so they view dyslexia as a speed bump instead of a roadblock
  • Improving your child’s motivation

What your child learns:

  • Why reading and writing have been so difficult
  • New healthier attitudes and from helpful videos
  • Brand new skills because their parent will know how to help

What you don’t get:

  • No fancy big words and jargon that make you feel confused – we keep it simple and relevant!
  • No irrelevant 10,000 word explanations of unnecessary concepts – we keep the main things as the main things.
  • No sales pitches for particular organisations – because hopefully, by the end of this course you’ll be able to help your own child… yourself!
  • No boring stuff you have to read through… most of it is videos, short written explanations, and through our exclusive, closed Facebook group.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. This course is yours to enjoy, completely for free. I used to charge $115-150 but I don’t want any financial reason to hold your child back, so instead, if the course really helps your child then please feel free to just send my wife and I a donation after you’ve done the course to say “Thank you”. I’m just so excited to help, and to support you with the skills you need.