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What your child’s teacher and school needs to understand about dyslexia

What your child’s teacher and school needs to understand about dyslexia (and probably doesn’t … yet)

Your child’s teacher wants to help but probably doesn’t know how to

Okay, here is an honest moment. I did four years of teacher training and received less than half an hour of training on how to help children with dyslexia, and I don’t even remember that. Teachers genuinely want to help every child they work with – that’s why they became teachers. However, all the good intentions in the world can’t overcome a lack of skills or understanding.

Your child’s teacher has so much power to help your child if they will simply implement a few really basic things. It’s a great idea to get alongside your child’s teacher and help them understand what your child needs. If you approach your child’s teacher respectfully and tactfully, they could prove to be your child’s biggest ally in helping your child overcome dyslexia.

Teachers are trained to delegate difficult situations (including dyslexia) to experts

That’s why we have so many children going to see the school counselor, or the welfare officer; even going to the first aid room at the front office when kids fall over and need a bandage. Basically, teachers are used to delegating situations that are outside their normal experiences. Therefore, the tendency for teachers is to want to outsource or delegate helping children with dyslexia.

The reality is that teachers don’t need to delegate most of the work when it comes to helping your dyslexic child. They really could give your child most of the needed support within the classroom for very little effort, if they only knew a few basic strategies. Check our free videos for some proven techniques  for improving confidence, reading, writing and learning skills of dyslexic children.